Thursday, November 19, 2009

Edited because Drew didn't want me throwing f'bombs in the in title of the post

Try explaining this to your twelve year old daughter Gary...

Turns out the only thing that can unite Wings, Pens (the couple who aren't idiots), Chicago (if they've watched hockey for more than two years), and any other teams' fans is something that all true hockey fans share, a f'***ing hatred towards the little troll that runs the league.

Dennis LaRue should never ref another game in the NHL. If he was a judge and he pulled that crap, he'd be disbarred and removed from the podium immediately, then taken to the back of the courtroom and beaten until he looked like Glass Joe at the end of a round of Tyson's Punch-Out.

I truly believe that Toronto called him back and said, "Hey Dennis, that's in. It went straight f***ing in." And LaRue responded "Go screw yourself."

From A2Y:

Are you sure they didn’t (call it a goal from Toronto)? Something tells me they did...and LaRue ignored it.

Posted by mrfluffy from Cincy on 11/18/09 at 10:45 PM ET

So what are the headphones for that they put on during a review? I didn’t see any this time, and that’s bollocks. This misunderstanding cost a team the tying goal. Review one way, each game, always. But no...he would’ve had to admit he was wrong...and that was apparently too much.

Posted by mrfluffy from Cincy on 11/18/09 at 11:12 PM ET

That’s why I miss Shanny.

He would fight Auld for the rubber, be penalized, argue with LaRue, fight LaRue, not be penalized, get the goal and sign LaRue’s dismissal.

Posted by Guilherme from Brasil on 11/18/09 at 11:15 PM ET

And he'd follow up by punching Gary in the face.

And here's a few Pens' fans comments.

Totally agree with Paul there, it obviously went in RIGHT from the shot! even when the the whistle would have been blown, the puck was already in the net. This is a pens fan here and i’m upset about that call! ludacris, man.

Posted by SteelPens111 on 11/19/09 at 12:58 AM ET


I am a huge Pens fan who used to laugh at your whiny columns during the Finals. Having said that, you have every right to be furious. Detroit got robbed. The whole intent thing is stupid. How can there be intent to blow the whistle on a SHOT ON GOAL???? The intent begins only when the refs can’t locate the puck anymore. By the time the ref couldn’t locate the puck, the puck was already in instantly.

And even if one is too stupid to understand the simple point that a ref can’t have intent to blow the whistle on a shot on goal until at least a moment after he can’t see the puck, how is there a two second delay between intent and the actual whistle? This is why the whistle alone should be the deciding factor, not any vague notion of intent.

NHL should suspend the ref.

Posted by Praveen from Atlanta on 11/19/09 at 01:02 AM ET

Screw it. We all know Brad May's real stats. Congrats to Brad on your first as a Wing.

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