Friday, November 13, 2009

Kick 'Em When They're Down: 11/12 vs VAN

These comments brought you from Nucks Misconduct and their game-day thread:

Beantown Canuck: goddamn it i need to get a tv soon and then get centre ice

A good way to start I think.  The recession has hit some people harder than others...maybe sell your computer to get a TV?
kentcheesehead: Can't do nothing right.
Ok, I feel like this is not a fair representation of the "seventh Canuck" (they have their own retired banner, ya know?), we have one guy who doesn't have a TV and this guy who talks like a Nashville Predators fan.  Still, I thought it was funny.  This comment came after a lot of F-bombs were dropped when Holmer made it 1-0 on the PP.
Brewhaha69: lol bert’s breakin necks again

Missy: bugger off, bert.

These two were posted in the exact same minute, same topic, so I put them together.  Obviously, there's still some feelings there for Big Bert.  I wonder what he was doing to set them off.

YankeeCanuck: Wow. Didn’t realize Detroit was full of bitches.

Bitches with rings, you oxymoronic username having cad.

Here comes another flurry after the Zetterberg goal, you ready?

SeanZandberg: Oh wow. That was a sweet goal by Zetterberg
cyxj: Just got the goal on the DD feed. Z is too good.
eightyseven: Hahah same here. What a beast.
missy: f**k you, Zetterberg

Impressed, I said before, Canucks fans are very respectful (most of them).

265 total comments.  Some laughs, but in the end...nothing but cries.


  1. Someone named Animal Drew is going to mock my alias? Ok then!

    You'll have to forgive the overall tone: going from being shelled in St. Louis to not finishing in Detroit is frustrating. Not unlike having Toronto blow you out, right?

    But the bottom line is you guys have the talent and Vancouver doesn't. Doesn't get more black and white than that.

  2. Yeah yeah, it was a nickname from highschool...not the greatest, I know. But as for your tone, nothing to forgive YC, you're entitled to say whatever the hell you want, just as I'm entitled to respond.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I may be complimentary of Zetterberg's skills, but I'd still punch him in the yap if I ever saw him ;) F**k Detroit! Disappointing game. I don't think Jimmy Howard was all that great though. He didn't have to be. I thought the Wings gave up a lot of shots, but most were not all that dangerous.

    Sean Zandberg

  4. Pfft Howard outplayed Bobby Lou didn't he? Hey.. Isn't he supposed to be one of the best goaltenders in the NHL ?


  5. mwahahaha!!! somebody quoted me!!!!
    with that being said,
    -that comment about bert was because he was making a scene (he did try to facewash burrows from behind and all that, after all)
    -the main reason i said "f*ck you zetterberg" is because he scored on my team to take back the lead. it had nothing to do with him as a player or the spectacularity of the goal.