Monday, November 2, 2009

Road Trip Finally Wraps Up

I do apologize for another weekend hiatus out to the West side of Michigan.  As I said, I took Friday off of work to go skate at Joe Louis (which was a blast) and then headed straight to Grand Rapids for a weekend of relaxation...except for Saturday night when I was watching my Wings.

It appears that the Red Wings saved their best effort for last.  Despite being without Val Filppula and Jonny Ericsson, the Wings took it to the heralded Calgary Flames and for the first time, allowed only goal to the opposing team.  Here's a quote that the Free Press picked up from Todd Bertuzzi:

"It’s something to build off and that’s what we needed. We needed a starting point, and that was tonight. It was just a matter of us not doing too much — I think, sometimes, guys pressed it. It’s not about not working hard, I think we overworked sometimes, and you end up running around, and I think we really took care of our own zone.”

Come on, has he won your hearts yet?  People at the bar in Grand Rapids, once they got done grumbling about me forcing the bartender to turn off the World Series, were actually complimenting Bert on one particular rush into the zone.  "Man, that guy's fast for a big dude", one drunk said over my shoulder.  Bertuzzi is as fast as ever I've seen him, and he continues to work in the defensive zone.  If he keeps this up, there will be a nice multi-year contract for him at the end of this season.

So how do you feel about taking 6 out of a possible max of 10 points in this road trip?  Not exactly ideal, of course, but not too bad.  Only one regulation loss and two in OT/shootout isn't anything to get too upset over.  This week won't be easier, though as the struggling Bruins and Dany "70 Goals" Heatley and the Sharks come into town.  I'll be there for both...looking forward to that Bud Lynch bobble head.


  1. 6 out of 10 is a start, but we need a few streaks now.

  2. I agree with Chris. We need to win 3 or more games in a row just to get a good jump in the standings.

    Where are your tickets for the Boston game?

  3. Nose bleed. I bought the $8-9 tix in bulk earlier in the season. Sometimes I can upgrade through a friend on the inside, or otherwise I pull a Cosmo Kramer and fill lower bowl seats that I notice are empty during the first period...shhhh!