Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tonight's Wings-Bruins Odds

As every other blogger/commentator in the world is at tonight's game against Boston, I get to be the guy who lives vicariously though others.  Anyways, here's a few lines on tonight's game, directly from the gambling center that is Ohio.  And today, that actually fits, because I'm pretty sure they legalized gambling here today.  Well here we go.  Free kittens and puppies to the winner.
- We will eventually figure out that Milan Lucic is some sort of robot.  (Seriously, have you seen the guy skate? You can't hit people that hard going that slow.) - 4:1

- Versus will somehow piss everyone off. Even those who aren't watching it. - Even.

- Tim Thomas throws the best hit of the game.  See here and below.  - 2:1

- Helm, Draper (New and improved!), and Eaves will fly around the ice, so fast that Chara's head will eventually pop off trying to keep up. - 5:1

- Chara admits he's actually been playing on stilts all this time, he's really the same size of Marty St. Louis. - 3:1

- If Janik plays well, at least 19 people clamor that has to replace Lebda. - 2:1

- I'm one of those people. - 1:1

- Saying "Wideman goes wide" will never, ever get old. - 3:1

- Maltby scores. - Almost guaranteed lately. 

- Bertuzzi will admit he's actually been playing posts this year and that in his head, he's winning. - 5:4

- Every Red Wings fan will shreak in horror when they realize what the blue line looks like tonight. - 6:5

That's all I got.  Go Wings!


  1. Nice odds! Helm definately flew around this game (even drew an interference call because the defenseman figured it would be easier to knock him down than chase him)

    I don't get the last one with "blue line" 6:5 odds though. Can someone smarter than me explain it?

    -thanks, Wings Fan in NY

  2. That Lebda is our #4, Meech is our #5, and some guy from the corner is our #6 defensemen.

  3. Chris in Hockey HellNovember 3, 2009 at 11:45 PM

    Well, can I be the first to clamor for Janik's promotion?

  4. Yell it to the rafters...but McCrimmon is still there, so I don't think anyone is listening.

    DC saying Thomas is redefining goaltending...

    Apparently DC never got Gaborik's opinion of Hasek.

  5. I will second the promotion of Janik. From what I saw he did well. A couple real strong plays and I didn't notice any big mistakes from him. Did the VS announcers say anything about his play? Probably not.