Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sour Grapes: 11/23 vs NSH

Well another we put another frustrating game in the books last night.  The Wings prove once again that it doesn't matter how much you out shoot or even out play a team, if you don't cover well in your own zone and don't cash in on your oppourtunities, you will lose.  Let's see what our friends from Music Town had to say about last night's contest.  These comments courtesy of On The Forecheck's game thread:

Dirk Hoag: Let's Go Marty, It's Time To Party! Might he start earning that paycheck? Thank goodness… 2-0 Preds!

Dirk is the proprietor of On The Forecheck.  Though I did respect his oppinion and occasional relevant article during his time at KK, he seems to have fallen back into a world where exclamation points and bad rhyming are acceptable. "Let's Go Marty, It's Time To Party!"?  Sounds like a bad facebook event, doesn't it?

LuvThePreds: monitoring Wings' SB nation site….“Winging it in Motown,” and there’s only been one bash-Nashville comment. Chicago was by far the worst in that department. Mainly, they’re just venting about Bertuzzi’s penalties.

This is somewhat amusing to me, the fact that not only did this person check WIM to make sure no one was saying anything bad about their team...but it looks like they do this on a regular basis.  Yes, I see the irony of making fun of someone for monitoring other teams' blogs, but I do it post-game, dammnit.  That's a big difference.  And oh, Chicago fans lacking class?  I don't believe it.

Hong Kong...

Jerseypredsfan: Phooey! 2-1

Did anybody get that?  Ok, that one was bad, I'll admit.  But these fans aren't really giving me anything to go with.  You think anyone over at the A2Y Liveblog used the word "phooey"?  I'm guessing not.

EXPECTATIONS: getting noticed on nhl.com again!!!!

Your obligatory CAPS LOCK and exclamation mark abuse post...there's one in every family.  And getting mentioned on NHL.com is cause for that much excitement?  Sounds like your "EXPECTATIONS" are pretty low for a team that plays in the NHL.

And the winner is...

Lil cutie: Erat's back baby!!! Erat fans can come out of the closet

Please do...it's nothing to ashamed of.

Surprisingly respectful and fairly well spoken game thread, small as it was.  Abel to Yzerman had almost 18 times as many comments, but that is why the Chief is the master.  So...enjoy it while it lasts, Bubba.  Remember that you took the regular season series last year, yet you were still golfing when mid-April rolled around.


  1. The only time the Wings seemed to outplay them was in the 3rd...hence the losing the game thing. Injuries catching up methinks. Blows.

    Intent to, that is.

  2. Wings played half of a game again. Nothing new there. The Preds were amazingly fast in the first period. It could have easily been 4-0 in the first.

    Pred fans think a Hat Trick is when a team scores 3 goals. Did anyone else see the hat on the ice (during play) after their team's 3rd goal. The VS guys were even poking fun at Bubba for that one.

  3. A stupid Nashville fanNovember 24, 2009 at 1:57 PM

    When is it that I get to throw my hat?

  4. I completely forgot about the whole hat-throwing. This right after the OLN team called the Nashville fans "knowledgeable"...what joke.

  5. Those VS commentators were putting down Babs. Typical americans. I guess we'll see how good of a coach he is when Canada wins Gold in 2012.

  6. Yeah, we dumbass Americans are all the same. Just the other day I was talking to all my other Kansas friends about hockey and we were all standing around agreeing what a terrible coach Mike Babcock is and how Canadians are all stupid and wear denim outfits no matter where they go.