Friday, November 13, 2009

Even 3 Goals-For Increases Beer Consumption

So I didn't get on TV at last night's game, but what I did do was improve my record to 6-0-0 on North American soil.

Chicago: 3-2
Washington: 3-2
Los Angeles: 5-2
Boston: 2-0
San Jose: 2-1
Vancouver: 3-1

And I was indeed "bang on" in my pointless prediction of a 3-1 Red Wings victory (I'm not linking to my own post, so go find it if you don't believe me).

My funny story for the game came about mid-way through the 3rd period when I got up and ran to the men's room during a commercial break.  For those of you who haven't been to the Joe, there's one particular bathroom that has a single door to get in and out...always causes chaos between periods.  Anyway, I run to get in line and right in front of me is a stocky, balding man in a nice suit, wearing glasses.  Right away I knew it was Scotty Bowman. 

Rather than take the high road and leave the guy alone while he waits in line to do as nature intended, or even be polite and gawk and admire the guy and praise him with thanks like many others were doing, I decided to make some smart-ass remarks brought on by a great set-up from another onlooker, inspired by a couple Molson Triple X's.  "Scotty," one guy in line says, "don't they have a suite or something for you, what are you doing pissing with the rest of us?"  I spoke without really thinking... "He doesn't work here anymore."  Now remember this is with the Hall of Fame coach standing directly in front of me...I mean, he probably could smell the beer on my breath.  "Matter of fact," I continued to the security guard making sure no one took cuts "did you check his ticket?"  Scotty didn't turn around, I think I heard him scoff.  We both walked in, and he was gone before I was finished. 

I walked back to where I thought my seats were only to realize that in my haste I had blown past my section and couldn't get across the seats without making dozens of people angry at me.  I simply plopped down on the dirty steps and within seconds Hank popped in a beauty on one of the league's elite goalies (who was outplayed by Jimmy Howard). 


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  1. You got scoffed at by Scotty F-ing Bowman. Simply amazing.