Monday, November 2, 2009

Survey Results: Hank Nets the Most in 09-10

Polls are closed and the results are in for the fifth installment of the Nightmare on Helm Street Sidebar Survey:


Henrik Zetterberg 24 (40%)

Johan Franzen 14 (23%)

Pavel Datsyuk 15 (25%)

Someone else 6 (10%)

Total votes: 59

So number forty received 40% of the votes...ironic, no?  Hank has only netted two goals thus far, playing in all 12 games, despite leading the team in points with 11.  However, it's not for a lack of trying as he has 45 shots on net to this point, 14 more than second place Todd Bertuzzi (who saw that coming?) with 31.  So as long as Zata keeps firing the puck, the goals will eventually start to come.

Datsyuk came in second place (barely) with 15 votes.  Pasha got off to an extremely sluggish start in goal department.  So far, both of his goals have came in the same game (regular season "Marian Hossa"?).  He currently is second on the team with 10 points.  After sitting out two games, he remains the only Red Wing who is a point-per-game player.

Fourteen people voted for Franzen...and I'm guessing that a lot of you voted for him early in the month and were too lazy to change your vote.  Of course, those people might think he could come back from the Olympic break healthy as a...well...Mule and score about 4 each game for the rest of year and still lead the team.  Well, that would be nice, so long as he saves some for the play-offs.

Six people chose the "someone else" option.  I would venture a guess and say that most of the "someone else" votes were for #96, everyone's favorite chipmunk.  Holmstrom is healthy once more and on a pace to damn near hit 50 goals this year if he keeps it up.  I have to admit, after last year, I seriously doubted how much Holmer had left in the tank.  Holmer to me: STFU.

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