Monday, November 2, 2009

Something's Bruin alright, a Friendly Little Wager...

So I've been speaking to Greg at Something's Bruin today via e-mail.  We've decided to make a little wager about tomorrow evening's game.  But first, to do a little cross-blog promotion of the contest, I'll be writing tomorrow's "Pointless Preview" section which will be linked to Greg's blog.  I've challenged him to match wits and write something similar of his stay tuned for that tomorrow.

As for the bet, it's quite simple.  When the Wings win, I'm going to write up a nice little ditty bragging about our win which he will post directly to his site and the Bruins' blogosphere.  If by some miracle, the B's pull one over on us, Greg will get to post his smack-talkin' on here.

Tomorrow, it's game on.

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