Thursday, November 19, 2009

Williams/Newbury Panning out in GR

Alright, let's attempt to move on here, people.  It might not stick, but let's try it anyway...


"If Detroit is interested in you, it's a great compliment.  I guess you could say I was jealous of (Kris Newbury) that first day. Then, the next day, my agent called and said Detroit was interested."--Jeremy Williams

I think I touched on this story a few weeks ago, but it still seems to be working.  The Griffs went on a nine game winning streak, thanks largely to Williams and Newbury who lead the team in points.  Newbury has 3G-9A-12Pts, and Williams has 8G-2A-10Pts.
Willaims continued on about the Detroit organ-i-zation:
"I'm extremely happy with this organization.  It's opened my eyes a lot. The main thing as a player is you want to win all the time. You want to win championships."

Good luck doing that in Toronto.  You made the right move, my friend...uh, I mean friends.

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