Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I can say "I was there" (again)...

Morning, everybody.  So on October 15th, I was there to witness Lidstrom reach a milestone.  King Lidas collected his 1,000th point before my very eyes as the Wings went on to defeat LA.

Well last night, I was there to witness yet another milestone for a beloved Red Wing.  Chris Osgood recorded his 50th career shut out.  And what a game he played to do so.  Only 22 goalies in the history of the NHL have more than 50 shut outs.  Here's what Ozzie had to comment about the "s-word":

"I don't put much merit in shutouts; I don't know why I never have. The only thing they're good for is you know you have a great chance to win the game. I've said it numerous times … I grew up watching Grant Fuhr play and he was all about winning games. That's my mentality. Just win. I'm not that concerned with the score."--Chris Osgood

Ozzie has 394 wins now, just six shy of 400.  What do you think about that, Chris?

"I used to think about it a bit," said Osgood. "Now, I try not to. … 400 is big for me. So is trying to be the winningest all-time in Red Wings history."

That second goal set for himself is currently held by the immortal Terry Sawchuck who recorded 351 wins while wearing the Winged Wheel.  Ozzie currently has 309 in the red and white.


  1. Jealous. And happy for you that you got to see two amazing milestones. But mostly jealous, let's be honest.

  2. Chris in Hockey HellNovember 4, 2009 at 5:42 PM

    Whenever I see Ozzie interviewed, it reminds me of that scene in "Bedazzled" when Brendan Fraser is the giant basketball player. "Well we played good, I thought we played good. We just wanted to play good, and I think we played pretty good tonight". I don't know why.