Friday, November 13, 2009

How About Howie?

Jimmy Howard has stopped 56 of his last 58 shots faced.  That's a save percentage of 96.55%.  Last night he outplayed Roberto Luongo, who's almost a shoe-in for team Canada come February.  Wednesday night, he out played last year's Rookie of the Year who finished 2nd in voting for the Vezina as well.

Jimmy, according to USA Today, is happy with his performance, but realizes that his play of late is no more and no less than something he needs to build on:

"It's been a great step in the right direction, but I still feel I have a lot to work on."

Jimmy, like myself, is pleased with the way things are going.  But you have to keep your feet on the ground and keep striving to improve.  Each one of these wins is looking better and better for the young American netminder.  Here's what Coach Babcock had to say:

"What needed to happen for Jimmy is what happened here — throwing up two one-goal games.  He was way better tonight because he had more action and he was relaxed.  He is all like all young players … when you are overthinking, you press."

Last night was a statement game for Jimmy.  After breezing through the Blue Jackets, though his workload was more challenging than the score let on, Jimmy stole that game for us last night.

When's the last time a goalie stole a game for us?

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  1. I really wish the best for Jimmy. The guy has a ton of pressure on him. The Wings have not developed a good goalie since Osgood, and that mantle was placed on Howard's shoulders as soon as he was in the organization.

    Plus his success means Wings success. Too much effort has gone into him just to give up on him. Let's hope he keeps this up and keeps building off it.