Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nine Goals-For Increases Beer Consumption...

Yesterday, Tyler at the TTD predicted something so illogical it made perfect sense. 
You know that the Wings are going to lose this game. Which means they will win it. Don't look at me like that, it makes perfect sense.

That was the exact feeling I had going into this game.   And it was so ridiculous, the Wings came out and did exactly that, scoring nine f'ing goals for my first Wings road game. 

I gotta say, Blue Jackets fans are some of the nicest fans on the planet.   I didn't get one comment all night, either at the game or at the Jackets bar that me, my buddy, and my girlfriend went to.  Who would thought that BJ fans would be so classy?

And, after Abbadabbado's first goal (Wings goal #8), I got blown up with phone calls and texts.  As my buddy and former teammate Erik put it in an email this morning...
On my way to practice, I listened to the game on the radio, and by the time I got to the rink, the score was 3-0! I later heard on the radio on my way home that the wings dominated to a score of 9-1!

So I got home and threw on the wings game and basically fast forwarded the entire game watching all the goals. On one particular goal, the 8th, which was abby's 1st of the night, directly after the goal the camera went to the crowd. There was these two drunk idiots in wings jerseys celebrating the 8th goal of an 8-1 game, you know they type of asshole that was really rubbing it in and after second glance, I recognized one of the drunk sieves in the stands. I recognized his hat. It was completely worn out and should have been retired about 10 years ago. Then I saw this beach bodied pretty boy and immediately knew it was chris.

So yeah, I was the asshole after goal eight that was still celebrating like crazy.  Hell, my kids large jersey from 1993 even made it up on the highlight real on


But the game, what a beat down.  Now Mason was not himself, there is no question about that.  What the hell Hitchcock was thinking by leaving in his young goaltender for that long.  The Wings, however, dominated this game like I have never seen.  The passes were perfect.  They seemed to know what each other were doing 10 seconds before it was going to happen.   Shots were snipes to the top corner and almost never missed the net.   Datysuk made a pretty good case for him to be president.  Leino scored on one of the nicest moves I've seen.  Zetterberg was all over the place.  So was Eaves.  So was Bert.   So was EVERYBODY.  Hell, Brad May looked like he was an offensive threat.

And Howard looked great.  So logically, that means next game he'll have trouble skating to the net without falling.  But man, he looked good out there.  Crisp movements, solid rebound control.  Everything that he can do, but never seems to put together, he did out there.  

It was a great, almost relaxing game to watch.  And, damn, the beer flowed well into the night.  And this morning, seven AM came fast. 

Great night and great game for the Wings.


  1. That's awesome. I vividly remember the two guys in the Wings jerseys rubbing it in to the home crowd and thinking "Wow, that's cold".

    Well played, Chris.

  2. That is FANTASTIC. I saw you guys on TV and was totally impressed with your chutzpah. Well played, indeed.

  3. Way to go Chris. I hope you were dishing out your usual trash talk of "Hey Rick Nash, you don't play hockey very well!"

  4. "Who would thought that BJ fans would be so classy?" Tee hee hee. Sorry. Inappropriate.

  5. Ha, finally someone got that one.