Monday, October 12, 2009


I noticed right away as I watched the Wings warm up on Saturday, that Brad May had switched from #20 to #24...and I didn't think too much of it. George Sipple reported this on Saturday, with Brad May's reasoning for the switch.

He had previously worn the number in Anaheim, and liked the idea of joining Bob Probert and Chelios as Wings who had worn the number. He also joked that “24” is his favorite TV show and the best year of his life was when he was that age.

A Jack Bauer fan? Dig it. But apparently, May sought out Chris Chelios's blessing to make the switch, a classy move if you ask me. Chelli said that he didn't care and apparently neither did Ken Holland.
Despite the expected tussle in Saturday's game, May was still effective. He forechecked aggressively and never passed on an opportunity to finish a check. As forecasted previously, May is quickly stealing the hearts of the Red Wings faithful.

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