Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Late to the party / GVSU / Odds Update

The beauty of having the best fanbase and blogosphere in the NHL is that when you want insightful analysis the next day, it is out there.  The writing talent out on the gore is just incredible.

The tough part about it is that when you aren't on your game five minutes after the game, everything that you think that you thought of yourself has already been posted multiple times in better forms, which makes you sad.

Therefore, all I have to say about yesterday's game was that it was the most fun I've had watching hockey this year.  And check these other places for some great recaps (sorry if I missed anyone, these are just ones I had a chance to read today).
As Drew did this morning, I checked out a few posts over in the Nuck's world, and wow, what a respectful crew they are.  They don't like the Wings, but they just seem so much more intelligent than any dimwit Blues or Avs fans you'd find.  Classy...

One more thing I noticed today reading various blogs out there, is that there are a large amount of Wings bloggers that went to my and Drew's alma mater, Grand Valley State out in Grand Rapids. I'm not positive, but I think Hockeytown Static and Babcock Death Stare went to GV. I have a guess on a few others too. Strange, but cool.

Couple quick comments on my terrible odds post yesterday:

-A member of the Vancouver media skates onto the ice and gets on his knees for Luongo during warm-ups - 2:1
This was true pretty much the entire game, but pretty deserving so.  Win. 

-Bertuzzi regains his old form, scores three goals, gets a game misconduct and then kills a mother and her two small children - 4:1
He didn't score, or kill anyone, but he played great and is starting to have a bit of a mean streak in him again.  Loss.

-The Chief will both talk about puppies and bitches in his next post - 7:6
Neither, damnit. We did get two graceful MBCQOTD's though. Still... Loss.  

-The Chief will talk about strangling those puppies if the Wings lose - 2:1
N/A, which makes me and puppies everywhere happy.

-The Chief's next post will be at some ridiculous hour like 4:12 AM.  - 4:3
Damnit all to hell, again.  11:37 AM.  Very reasonable.  Loss. 

-Babcock's Death Stare will have the best post-game wrapup (and best header) on the blogosphere - 5:4
Read it, you will smile about the good times, laugh at the fun you had, cry at the thought of Osgood in net and realize you are reading greatness. Win!

-Tram will comment on the Triple Deke's post game post -  2:1
Tram might have killed himself after the Colorado loss, we aren't sure.  We also believe that he might have the most comments ever for someone who refuses to take the five seconds to register on blogger. 

-Osgood will play better than Luongo, yet everyone in the media will still say the Wings goaltending sucks -5:2

-Ryan Kesler's real name is "Livonia Native Ryan Kesler" (NHL 09 reference) - 8:1
I think it was referred to like 4 times last night.  Win. 

Great game, but I still wish that Pavel Bure was still on the Canucks.


  1. Yep -- GV representing. I actually still go there, I'm a junior. Nice to see a large contingent of Wings fans on the boring side of the state.

  2. GVSU was my second choice, but MSU is somewhat of a family tradition. My little sister thinks that she's going to UofM in a couple of years, but little does she know that I will literally burn down Ann Arbor before I allow that to happen. Maybe that's petty, I don't know.

  3. Thanks for the link. I know exactly how you feel about everyone else's posts; I hopped online after the win on Tuesday to write something lame about how much I love Datsyuk, then I went to bed, and I pointedly did NOT read anybody else's posts until I could write my own the next day because I end up feeling as you described here. There are so many awesome Wings fans with blogs--I love reading them all because usually, each writer comes up with at least one thing totally different from everyone else's posts.

  4. Natalie,

    I just got turned on to your website, and wow, what a site you have. Keep it up!