Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Finding Positives in a Shitty Weekend

After a shit weekend which saw every single team I was rooting for lose (Wings, Tigers, Lions, Packers, Michigan, GVSU...fuck you name it, if I like em they lost), and after two days of swearing at strangers, I think I am ready to write something again. But instead of writing about what went wrong or simply bitching to the wind, I'm gunna take the opposite approach. I'm going to write something positive I found in each player this weekend. This is going to be harder than getting Matthew Mcconaughey to stop looking at himself in the mirror, but here goes:


Datsyuk - Zero points out there, but still looked like the best player to ever play the game, it'll come.

Zetterberg - Game one, he was non-existent out there, game two, he was the best player on the ice.

Franzen - Still somehow slowly glides by everyone on the ice. A little luck, he woulda scored 3 goals this weekend.

Cleary - Should have scored two goals in game two, the line is coming together. Rough game one, but made up for it in game two.

Bertuzzi - Had his moments out there. At his best, he looks like another version of Franzen, at his worst, he made the Wings a man short...

Jason Williams - He's better than Samuelsson.

Lieno - Scored an awesome goal. Still looks like a Calder candidate.

Draper - He's still got the speed out there. Finished even on the weekend, which lately is tough for Draps.

Maltby - What a game one. Tied for the team lead in points, which means he's leading the team in something for the first time ever.

Holmstrom - Looked a lot better than the playoffs. Scored a goal off his hip.

Filppula - He's somehow the prettiest person in Sweden.

Abdelkader - Solid, if unspectacular weekend. He's better off in GR for a bit though.


Lidstrom - Didn't score, but still was the best defensemen on the ice.

Rafalski - Solid weekend, still has a rocket shot, can't have them all blocked all year long.

Kronwall - Great weekend, big hitter, HUGE shot. If he can keep it up, that'll be great.

Stuart - Couple big hits. Only a couple head up his ass moments, which is pretty good for him.

Ericsson - Scored a goal, looked like a rookie out there, I predict that he'll have a rough regular season and dominate in the playoffs. And kill a man somewhere in there.

Lebda - Proved he could skate forward AND backward. Didn't score on his own net.


Osgood - Was more consistent than Howard. Didn't let any terrible ones in. Decided to keep his name in the media, no matter if it is good or bad.

Howard - Made a couple big saves. Showed much more athleticism than has been in the Wings net for a long time. Didn't literally shit himself out there.

Fuck, that was tough. Thank god Helm is almost back. Now for actual analysis, check out A2Y, Hockeytown Static, Babcock Death Stare, and The Triple Deke's recap....

Jimmy Howard sucks. There's your recap.

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  1. Great stuff, Chris. I'm with you on Abdelkader and Ericsson. Good to see that thinking elsewhere.