Monday, October 12, 2009

Abdelkader Taking it in Stride reported this yesterday about Abbadabbadoo being ping ponged from Detroit to Grand Rapids and back within 48 hours...

"I went home Thursday afternoon and got home Thursday night and relaxed. Unpacked all my stuff, and then Friday morning we left Grand Rapids for Toronto and had practice there, and I found out halfway through practice I was coming back up. Then got a flight to Windsor and a cab from Windsor back here."--Justin Abdelkader

Better get used to the travel, kid. On the team or not, you're going to be putting some mileage in with the trips out to the West Coast and back. Hopefully, Mr. Abdelkader is still happy to just be a part of this organ-i-zation and realize how blessed he is just to be so.

Babcock had this to say:

"The bottom line, if I'm Abby, I say to myself, 'I had an opportunity to be here. That opportunity was taken away, whether as a player I thought it was right or not. What am I going to do to make sure I don't ride that bus 6 more hours or 106 more hours or whatever it is in a year. He's got lots of ability. He's got good size. We think he's a big part of our future. Right now, he's getting force-fed, more than he would have if he had gone back to Grand Rapids and played 20 minutes a night."

Um...classic Babcock cryptic musings. Make sure you read that with that thick Saskatchewan accent in your head as well, it makes it even more funny.

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