Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Helm Scratched, Hopefully Ticked-Off

Found this on this morning about the "Nightmare" being sat as a healthy scratch last night against Vancouver.

Here's what Coach Babcock had to say about sitting this blog's namesake:

“Anytime you miss training camp, especially when you are a kid, it's tough. Helm, on this team in my opinion, should be pushing for third-line center, not battling to be the fourth-line center. So, he's going to get an opportunity to watch (Tuesday). I talked to him about it and he's going to be fired up to come back. Sometimes just a shot over the bough is a good reminder."

I'm guessing that by "fired up to come back", Babbles meant "very angry about sitting".  I suppose this is Uncle Mike trying to inspire Helm.  He called out Zetterberg the other day in the media, and Z has responded by going on a tear as of late, despite the team struggling.

Helm had this to say:

"I don't think I've been bad for the first five games, but I definitely have to step it up. I have to be a lot better. What he's telling me (about being the third-line center), I don't know if it's a challenge or not, but Drapes (Kris Draper) has been playing well. You can't take anything away from him. I think it's just (Babcock) telling me that I've got to start working harder and pushing myself. I've got to be more focused and more prepared," he said. "I have to work harder. I am not going to see the game as well after five games as I did at the end of any year. I think I've been playing physical, but the emotion is not quite as big as it is in the playoffs and that's what drives me ... I have to find a way to get that edge each night."

Babcock agrees that Helm hasn't been "bad", but not living up to expectations...

"Helmer's been fine. He's not at the level I am used to having him, but there's a lot of guys that could be accused of that."

I think that's called "the play-off gear" that you're used to, Mike.  Remember, Helm is yet to register a regular season goal up to this point in his career.  We know that Babcock holds him in high regard...he wanted him on the team full time (Kenny said 'no').  We just have to continue to be patient and hope that Mike's mindgames gets the kid going tomorrow.

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  1. I think Helm has been playing great. He may not be getting the points we'd like him to, but he's holding the zone and he's still an insane penalty killer.