Friday, October 9, 2009

Bruce MacLeod = Party Pooper

Found this on the Daily Tribune where Bruce was dishing out praise and jives left and right...

...the Red Wings' success is taken for granted. It is not even, "Wake me when it's the playoffs," or "Wake me when it's the Stanley Cup Finals" anymore.It is "Wake me when we have the parade." That is unfortunate.

A little harsh? Probably. But would there have been an empty seat in the house last night if they were raising banner number twelve up into the rafters?

Speaking of raising banners, Ozzie had a little something to say about it:

"It felt good to play a normal hockey game. Last year, we had to stand around for an hour (before the home opener because of the title ceremony). Wish we had to do that again."

We apparently don't even celebrate divisional or conference championships anymore, those banners were already raised to the rafters well before any of us showed up at the Joe last night. But I do remember my buddy asking me how many shots we had on net, and me saying "I can't see the board through all of the acceptable visual obstruction if ever there was one.

Bruce MacLeod had this to add about the curse of expectations...

The good news for the Red Wings is they have reached the point where it is Stanley Cup championship or bust. The bad news for the Red Wings is they have reached the point where it's Stanley Cup championship or bust.

Pretty insightful, don't you think?

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