Monday, October 19, 2009

Chelios still a Part of Detroit

Sure Chris Chelios may not be donning the winged wheel again in his lifetime (aside from any alumni activities he may choose to participate in). Chelli may be a part of Detroit's legacy, helping us claim multiple Stanley Cups. And of course, his chili bars didn't pack up shop and hit the road when the team choice not to sign him for another year in Detroit. But Chris Chelios is still contributing to the Detroit Red Wings...actively, according to

Defenseman Chris Chelios no longer plays for the Red Wings, but he's still the team union representative. Dan Cleary confirmed Saturday that Chelios would be the team's rep for a Sunday conference call for the NHL Players' Association.

Well isn't that nice of him. People can say what they want about the guy, but he seems to be a class act (off the ice) who cares about his teammates, present or former, and keeps the players interest a priority in his life.

Dan Cleary had this to add about the current situation, "Cheli's got the Red Wings' best interest -- let's put it that way. We're behind him 100%."

Cool. And I'm unfamiliar with the t-shirt that Chelli is wearing in this photo, but I'm pretty sure it says, Detroit: You Wouldn't Last a Day Here...

I think that's one of those sayings that people have embraced about Detroit as both a slam and a compliment. I can dig it.

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