Friday, October 16, 2009

Kick 'Em When They're Down

I think a nice new addition to this site would be to post defeated team's pre-game shtick the day after we beat them. This would only occur on games that we WIN, of course.

Found this one on the Battle of California, since LA Kings-exclusive blogs don't seem to exist (ok...I didn't look very hard).

I usually don't despise the Detroit Red Wings, more a jealousy than anything, but I've grown to hate them since their embarrassing display after they lost to the Penguins. Henrik Zetterberg is a baby, Lidstrom is annoying (just get old already), Chris Osgood is the most overrated player this side of David Eckstein, their coach is a douche bag, and they have Todd Bertuzzi. (Pavel Datsyuk... is cool, though his head is candy corn shaped.) I really hope the Kings kick them while they're down.

...and the NHL's Three Star Selection from this game:

1. Old and Annoying

2. The Most Overrated Player This Side of David Eckstein

3. And They Have Todd Bertuzzi

***Honorable Mention: The Baby netted his first goal last night.

So who got kicked? Who's down? Oh whoops, two game losing streak for you, LA. Hope you enjoy your Pacific Division probably won't last the month. But look on the bright side: Sharks lost last night to the Washington Ovechkins...but Dany Heatley will still score 70 goals this year.

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  1. Love youe blog man. Keep it up. RW Down Under