Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stealing Shamelessly After Losses

I didn't have a chance to watch the game live last night (as the GF decided that it was for some reason worth it to follow me to the drive-thru state, aka Ohio, while I'm in law school, I decided that it might be worth it for me to help move her in her new place), I caught highlights and parts on DVR and read most of the recaps.  So, to continue this quality reporting, I found a post on A2Y that was a perfect rundown of the game...

Posted by OHWingsFan40 from Oregon/Bowling Green, OH
Well, another game where the Wings fail to put a team away, turnovers cost them and a marginally weak goal ends the game. Winless on the road thus far.

My thoughts:

- The PP needs to be changed. Every fuching player in the league knows the Wings take shots from the point, it’s so predictable and boring. Work it down low and get someone open in the slot.
- Howard plays a good game, then he’s off his angle horribly on the Stewart goal. An NHL goalie needs to stop that shot.
- Ericsson and Lebda need to be split up, they are just brutal together. I see Lebda more in the offensive zone than his own, if he wants to score so damn much, move him up front.
- Bert played his best game I’ve seen him play in 4-5 years. He deserved better tonight and back to back games with posts has gotta be frustrating.
- This team is gonna live and die this year by Pavel and Hank. If they can’t generate anything, they’re likely going to struggle to score.
- Lastly, hats off to Anderson for playing his tail off. The season is young, and we’ll see where the Avs are come February, but they have to be mighty happy that he’s played so well for them.

I’m frustrated beyond hell again, the Wings deserved a better fate tonight and played a pretty complete game.
Agreed with every point.  Another day, another chance to actually turn it around Monday Tuesday.

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