Monday, October 26, 2009

Bad "Puck Luck"

In retrospect, the Wings did have a ton of chances against Colorado.  At times, they dominated the young Avs and if not for some great goaltending from Craig Anderson, who turned away 48 of 49 shots, the game could have been won in going away fashion by Detroit.  We're all just waiting for one of our shots to bounce off a defenseman's stick in OT and trickle through the goalie.  We want to see one of those shots off of the post bounce in instead of out.  And we're not alone...this from very early this morning:

"We're doing a lot of good things, but we're having trouble putting the puck in the net.  It's one of those stretches that you go through where you've just got to continue to work through it. It happens to be at the start of the season and the tendency can be to maybe try to start doing things differently, but I don't think we need to do that. The route we need to go is to continue to do the things we're doing, and I think we'll be all right."--Brad Stuart

Todd Bertuzzi had this to add about Detroit's scoring woes...

"We're getting the puck to the net. We're getting a lot of really good chances. Puck luck right now is just not in our favor."

Bertuzzi has had two shots clink off the goal post and another waived off by our buddy Brad Watson, even though Bert had his arms up in the air celebrating before the whistle even blew...Brad can stop the play in his mind before he even blows the whistle, remember?


  1. Right now, this is the difference between almost all wins (cept Buffalo) and the shit record we have now.

  2. other than buffalo, i believe we've had the lead at some point in every game. sometimes by 2 goals. the wings almost always have a stretch like this around december or january, but this is the first time i remember it happening in october.

  3. Is it time to que up some Slade?