Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Blood Tonight

Looks like we will see the debut of either Eaves or May tonight.

Per Khan(!)

If May can't play tonight, Patrick Eaves, a healthy scratch the first two games, will make his Wings debut.

“He’s working hard, he’s competing hard, he’s trying,'' Babcock said of Eaves. "He’s going to get in the lineup here right away, either tonight or the next game, time will tell.’’

Also interesting is this little Babcock quote:

When May does get in the lineup, Babcock knows the Wings could use his toughness. He didn't like the way the Blues threw their weight around in the first two games.

“We got the crap run out of us,'' Babcock said. "We had May in a couple of games in exhibition and no one got hacked or whacked or touched. We don’t have him and we get run. You get tired of watching that.

Do I agree with this? Sort of, I thought it was more of the Wings lack of effort that made them get run. We will see what May can do. If he can provide a Drake like effort and physical force, then I'll be for it.

I do like his attitude though.

Also, looks like Cheli is hooking up with the Chicago Wolves. Good for him. I have not an ounce of ill-will for the former Wing.

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  1. I thought May was great this game. He didn't stick out like a sore thumb, he played his defensive roles, and he stepped up and entertained the crowd. I liked how soft spoken and well thought out he was. Not your typical goon, this guy. I hope he was right about being around all year.