Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Blown Lead

You all knew it was coming.  When Ozzie was shoved into the net late into the third, and the goal stood, you knew the game was lost.  Why bother watch OT?  You knew what was coming.  Was anyone surprised when that wrist shot squeaked its way into the net?  Disgusted?  Yes. Surprised?  No. 

Anyone else catch that Brad Watson, the one who "intended to blow his whistle" in game 3 of the WCSF last year against Anaheim was reffing that game?.  Yet they allow Ozzie to be shoved completely into the net.  Don't try and compare that to Cleary's game 7 goal in that same Anaheim Series...Hiller didn't end up in the back of the net.  There's a world of difference between banging away at a rebound, and snowplowing a goalie into the net while he's trying to cover the puck.  Watson should never ref another Red Wings game.

Doesn't really matter anymore.  We lost to another inferior team.  We had another 3rd period lead and we let it slip away. Another weak goal let in by Ozzie to seal the deal.  The Flying Circus nets two goals and we get nothing from the supporting cast.  Eight games in with 3-3-2 record...good enough for 10th in the West.

 Not a good way to start a Friday.


  1. I knew it was over when i heard Ken Daniels say "when the wings win tonight" with about 5:00 left in the 3rd. That is just like calling a shut-out before it happens. Once I heard that I had that bad feeling in my gut that the wings were going to get screwed out of the win again.

    I am glad that a 3-3-2 record does get you 10th. The wings are only 3 points out of 3rd in the west due to the tight Central. And Chicago has played one more game.

    (currently only 1 Central team in a "playoff position")

  2. watson strikes again tonight with the good 'ol intent to blow. you're right, he should not be allowed to ref red wings games anymore.