Monday, October 12, 2009

Canadian Media Rejoices at Franzen News

Always looking for that chance to say "See! We told you the Wings were going to fail this year!" (they've been waiting for a while), THN posted this today, you can almost sense the satisfied tone the writer was using...hell, even the article was titled "Mule Kicked".

The Detroit Red Wings offense recently suffered a significant blow when winger Johan Franzen tore the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee in last Thursday’s 3-2 victory over the Blackhawks, sidelining him for up to four months.

Ah, so it was in an effort to defeat that same Chicago team that you predicted to roll over the Central Division, was it?

Don’t expect GM Ken Holland to look outside the Red Wings organization for help. He told the Detroit Free Press there’s no 30-goal scorer comparable to Franzen available either in the free agent or trade market, leaving Holland no choice but to look toward the young players in his system, which included recalling Justin Abdelkader from the minors.
Saying that Holland had "no choice" but to call up Abdelkader is a bit strong...but then again, we're dealing with THN here. The fact that Holland said has no interest in looking outside the organ-i-zation is a choice.
I can't wait for #43 to come back.
For all of you who were hoping the Wings might look at getting Shanny back...
Holland told the Sporting News he had no interest in signing former Red Wings winger Brendan Shanahan, who was released by the New Jersey Devils and is now an unrestricted free agent. If Shanahan were the same player he was four years ago, Holland would likely snap him up. However, if Shanahan were that player, the Devils wouldn’t have cut him in the first place.

Rumor squashed.


  1. for what it's worth, THN also has a piece right now (not sure if it was there when the justly-ripped "rumour roundup" mule kick article went up) that gives credit where credit is due. THN still kind of blows, but this is at least something worthwhile.

  2. oh yeah maybe i should link it duh