Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you Kidding Me?

I often marvel at how stupid hockey writers can be (myself included). So while Chris has gone MIA today and his Kings/Wings preview sits in the "draft" section for going on 4 hours now, I decided to peruzz through the Wings news.

..and look at this stupidity I ran across while reading the Bleacher Report's ten things that David Carter has noticed in the first two weeks of the season...

7. The Detroit Red Wings’ Western Conference domination looks to be coming to an end this year.

8. Nobody should freak out over the Bruins’ 2-3-0 start. Claude Julien still has a great team.

There's a big fat piece of STFU fodder, right there. So at 2-3-0, the Wings are done dominating the West, but at 2-3-0, the Bruins are doing just fine? Excellent work. David didn't even think enough to at least separate those two thoughts by something else.


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