Monday, October 26, 2009

Proof that the Wings just need a little luck on their side.

Just looking at the Stats page on Yahoo today and noticed a little something, the worst shooting percentage in the league that wasn't zero was held by our future Captain, #40, Mr. Henrik Zetterberg. He's currently tied in last (with former Montreal savior Vincent Lecavalier) with a 3 percent shooting percentage. Right up there with him is fellow top two scoring line winger Jason Williams with a 3.6%, Cleary and Lidstrom with a 4.5% and Todd "Even if I score they wave it off" Bertuzzi with a 5%. And oh yeah, our leading pointman last season, Pavel Datsyuk at 0%. Thankfully, Kirk Maltby is picking up the slack with an incredible 50% shooting rate so far.

There is almost no chance that any one of these players will continue with this sort of percentage as on the year goes on, especially Maltby. And once it does, the wins will come.

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