Friday, October 23, 2009

Samuelsson - League MVP or Special Ed?

Took a few days off during Detroit's extended break because, well, I really didn't have anything to say.  Well, until this little ditty showed up. 

Those crazy pot smoking hippies out in Vancouver (making assumptions, but I think that's a safe bet) have fallen in love with our former Swedish gangley window-licking winger, Mikael Samuelsson.  Per KK, per Vancouver Sun:

The three-year, $7.5-million contract he signed with the Canucks was $1 million a year more than what Detroit offered. Vancouver didn’t mind, even if Samuelsson’s high-water mark was 45 points. The Canucks believed they had a 60- to 70-point player who had been hidden batting eighth in Detroit’s lineup.

So far, it looks like they’re right.

“It’s up to you to say, but this is what I wanted when I came here,” says Samuelsson, who has so far artfully used the extra two minutes a game he’s getting in Vancouver to double his points-per-game from 0.5 to one. “I wanted a fair chance to prove I can be a big part of an offence.”

But investing in Samuelsson was based on more than potential point totals. His experience stands out in the Canucks dressing room like a funny joke on Jay Leno. Even the multimillion-dollar facelift couldn’t take care of the playoff skeletons in GM Place. Maybe Samuelsson can. He is one of the few Canucks who has actually won a big game. Or three.

Oh how I love this.  Sammy does have a PPG pace right now, but damn, the season started like a day and a half ago.  It's called starting the year with luck on your side. You know who else has a PPG pace or near it at this moment in the season?  A whole shitload of 3rd liners, just like Samualsson.  Here's a glimpse of the super-stardom that he's sharing the PPG spotlight this season with...

Glen Metropolit
Matt Moulson
Eric Belanger
Ryan Vesce
Trent Hunter 
Clarke MacArthur
and of course, the offensive force that is Ryan O'Reilly .

Clearly everyone of those players is on the route to the Hall.  Samuelsson has about as good of a chance of keeping this up as the Puck Stops Here finding someone who actually likes his blog.  Right now, he has a 12% shooting percentage.  Last year he had a 4% shooting percentage.  Obviously he's gotta be paying goalies to let him score, because we've all seen him shoot.   The money will run out soon and so will his points. 

Though I'll admit, it would make my weekend if I wake up tomorrow and find that PSH has already named him the likely MVP from his totally radical Corsi number.

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