Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Battle of I-94 - The Rivery Rekindled

In preparation of tonight's beat-down of the Indians of Chicago, I think it is time to recall just why we should hate the Hawks. (Remember, I'm only 25, so the real hate happened before that but yeah...)

Reason #1: History- Chicago fans being the bandwagoners that they are, might not realize this, but man have there been some battles in the past. This is a battle that started in 1926 damnit. Sure the past 15 years have been absolutely dominated by the Wings and no one showed up to games in Chicago until last year, but still.

#2 - Getting our star baseball players drunk before the most important games of the year. You fuckers.

#3 - Douchebag, bandwagon fans. Drew's got a great blog of how retarded they can be at KK. What a read. I believe that blog is what got him to found the revitalized NOHS as you know it.
All I can add is this...Some shit blog out there named Chicago fans the #2 fanbase in hockey. Ridiculous I know. Then, this genius throws this out there. Jesus.

#4 - Management. Detroit has the best in the business. The loyalty to the players and staff is one of the most impressive things in sports. The Hawks? Not so much. Ask Marty Havlat. Ask the Bulin Wall. Ask Dale Tallon. Ask Denis Savard. One minute you're the toast of the town, the next minute you're outta here. As Havlat said so perfectly after being named the team MVP last year, then not even offered a contract when it came down to it.

#5 - The Hawks simply hate the Wings. I know, I know. Tons of teams hate the Wings. The Dive, the Bitter Blues, the Sharks, the Pens. All these teams blow a load anytime they can beat the Wings. But they really mean nothing to us right now.

However, here is where the Hawks come in. They are a good team and Bettman's new wet dream. And boy do they hate some Wings.

First proven by this website. And this...

The Hawks live to hate the Wings and I love that. And I can always point to this photo for a simple, yet effective response...

I searched for one from all his years in Chicago and came up with nothing.


  1. #5, 3, and 1 all combine into the greatest shitty thing about Blackhawks fans I've ever seen. Blackhawks fans are simply better at rooting against the Wings than they are at rooting for their own Hawks.

    I heard it on television every time they visited the United Center, but it really struck me in Wrigley for the Winter Classic. Hawks fans have no idea how to root for their team to win if the Winged Wheel is on the ice against them, they only know how to chant about how Detroit sucks. It's the funniest sour grapes crap I've ever seen in a sports arena in my life.

  2. Freaking awesome Drew. Nice Jeremy Piven pull.

  3. Chris, not Drew this time, but Chris...

  4. Hey, I'll take credit...if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have posted that video, so it's all me. There, I said it.