Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pasha and Nik Jr. Miss Practice

And the hits just keep on coming, this awesome news courtesy of
Pavel Datsyuk and Nik Kronwall both missed practice today and were sent for tests. Oh and Mike Babcock was anything but clear about why...

Babcock on Datsyuk: "We don't think (he's injured) but we sent him to get looked at."

Maybe by a psychiatrist? Dangles hasn't looked himself. I'm thinking it's mental. Check that, I'm HOPING it's mental. We need this guy.

Babcock on Kronwall: "We're having (Kronwall) looked at. We don't think he's injured but we're making sure."

Yeah...damn near the exact same sentence. Let me check again...yep, that's what he said...twice. Come on Kronwall, tell us a little more will ya?

"One of the guys on the other team fell over my leg. I don't see what could hold me out of the lineup (Thursday)."

I can see it on the Sabre's bench. "Hey, Grier! Kronwall just blew up Kaletta, go sit on his leg!"
Oh and more good news, Lebda is playing on Thursday. Guess he and Meech are playing a game of "you suck, sit this one out....ok now YOU suck, sit this one out". Did any of us really think we'd be missing Lilja THIS much? Draper and Malts are dressing...I guess that's a good thing. No word as to who starts in goal.

Let's all pray to the hockey gods for OT tonight in the Kings/Rangers game.

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  1. Maybe he's just trying to open up space on the lines without singling anyone out..