Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Waiting for the Avalanche to Fall

I just wanted to take a second to throw out the idea that I am completely sick of reading about Craig Anderson and his "lights out season".

1.) The Avalanche are tied for most shots against this season
2.) Craig Anderson has played in every single game
3.) I bet you no team has ever won the Stanley Cup allowing the most shots against
4.) At this rate, Anderson will most likely become injured or fatigued
5.  This is what's going to happen to the Avs when Anderson goes down...

Their problems remain the same, but nobody seems to want to talk about that so long as they have the hot goaltending that is completely carrying them thus far in the season.  All the bandwagoners who took last season off are jumping right back on like the last couple years never even happened.

And because of that, I'm starting to hate Colorado all over again, even without Patty Wah, Floppa, and Foote...oh wait, he's back...I didn't even notice him.  Rant over.


  1. i had a feeling this day would come, so i never stopped hating them.

  2. It's hard to hate the last place team in the Western Conference. They tried talking a little smack when they swept us in the regular season of 07-08, only to get Mule-kicked the eff out of the play-offs shortly after. But now? It's just like Chicago, they wake up, read the paper and see that they're in first place and they get all excited. What REALLY bothers me is the mainstream media going along for the ride. Surprised? No. Angry? Yes.

  3. still... seeing them in last place was like driving through town and seeing your worst enemy eating from a trash can. it's just so satisfying and puts a smile on your face.