Friday, October 16, 2009

Lidas är Kung

Craig Custance of the Sporting News talked to Lidstrom and Los Angeles captain, Dustin Brown after the game last night...
Lidstrom talking about his tribute video:


"Seeing some of the videos, some of them were a few years ago too. I think it was back to '97, the Stanley Cup finals in '97 - it was fun to see. It's great to get that kind of reaction from the fans too."
He loves and appreciates us, and the feeling is mutual.
Dustin Brown is a likeable guy...for me at least. He's a young, good-looking kid from the U.S. of A. and lead the league in hits a couple years ago. Turns out, he's a class-act all the way. On the way into the office this morning, I heard his post-game comments on HomeIce XM204 and he praised Ozzie for his play last night, especially in the second period. His compliments to the Red Wings didn't stop there, as he also honored the man of the day when Custance asked him about Calgary's defense...

"For me, Calgary's defense - I don't mind as much as a Nick Lidstrom. A physical confrontation is okay, if I have to chase the puck all night, that's when it gets frustrating. He's good with his stick. He's incredibly smart on the ice and that's tough to play against."

So hear you have an American player contradicting the Canadian Media that has Calgary's defense tops in the league and saying that a Swedish player is the best defenseman? Love it.
You're the king, Lidstrom.

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