Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pointless Preview: Wings vs Oilers

Category #1: Crying Captains



Steve Yzerman once tried to force a tear...this was the result

Some have speculated that Lidstrom's tears can cure the Swine Flu...guess we'll never know.

Winner: Detroit

 Category #2: City Cold Enough to Keep Players Away

Pronger asks to be traded away in 2007, Hossa rejects 10-year, $8 mil deal in summer of 2008, Heatley rejects trade offer in summer of 2009.
Cold, but not that cold.

Winner: Edmonton

Category #3: “God I hate my first name”

Edmonton: Lubomir Visnovsky…that is just disgusting.

Detroit: Kris Draper…”Mom, this is the GIRL’S way to spell it!”

Winner: it me or does Visnovsky look like he could be Rafalski's little brother?

Category #4: Google Image Seach [Team Name] + funny


Are they the Carolina Tornados? Oh well…marks for trying, I guess.


Awesome.  Thank you,

Winner: Detroit

Tie-Breaker Category: Most French Sounding Name in the History of Ever

Edmonton: Jean-Francois Jacques

Winner: Detroit, because I still support “Freedom Fries”…not really, but maybe.

Stay tuned for Chris's odds on tonight's game. Odds that Chris posts today... 1:1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.51
"So you're telling me there's a chance?"

I say 6-3 victory for the Wings.


  1. Ryan Smyth was never Captain and Pronger left because his wife was banging half the team.

  2. Plus you would cry to if you found out you were being traded to the Islanders.

  3. Salo was a horrendous goalie and people who wore his jersey are idiots.

    Plus assistant captain is close enough.

    (see, I did that in one post)

  4. The only thing horrendous is the hackery of this site, due to the Buckeye you have posting things. Yeah thats right I used my trump card.

  5. "...his wife was banging half the team."

    So that's why Smyth is crying...

  6. Solid post !
    Especially like the Bettman Kronwalled .

  7. I totally tweeted Lids tears cure swine flu before the game last night, we must have simultaneously come to that conclusion.