Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Lebda/Meech Conundrum

So we're five games into the season. We're sitting at 2-3-0. Tied in points with Nashville and St. Louis with a game in hand. I know it may be early for Divisional Standings but the Detroit Tigers this year taught us that EVERY GAME MATTERS. When late April rolls around, we may be looking back some of these games we let slip away.

Now, onto the topic at hand: Lebda and Meech.

We've seen 2 games out of Brett Lebda: 0 points, -2 rating

We've seen 3 games out of Derek Meech: 0 points, -3 rating

At what point do the Wings look at giving Andy Delmore or Jakub Kindl a look at this lineup? Both Lebda and Meech have looked HORRENDOUS. If Lilja can get healthy, I'm almost to the point where I say "waive them both" if you can't get any trade value. Harsh? Maybe. But when Lilja comes back, there just won't be any more room for either of these two.

Between Delmore and Kindl, I would definitely give Delmore a shot first. Kindl is a kid whose contract goes 1-way next year anyway, so he's going to get his shot. Delmore signed a one year deal and has proved that he can play at this level. He has a great shot and looked pretty damn good in the pre-season.

Oh and the decision to waive Kyle Quincey is making more and more angry. He has 6 points in 6 games for the Avs this year....*sigh*.


  1. I agree with you on all points regarding Lebda and Meech. Meech showed promise in the game against the Hawks last week, but I really should have known better. Both of them should be so much better than they are; they've had all the time in the world to show us what they've got. Bleh.

  2. Oh, Quincey, how I was wrong about you.

  3. ...yeah, and I was right. Not too often we differ so greatly. I never thought I'd hate to tell YOU, "I told you so".

  4. Unless he picks a fight with Brad May and slashes Datsyuk's achilles tendon, there's no way that Delmore could possibly be worse than Meech or Lebda this year. I know the guy's slower, but he's also smarter, has a better slapshot, and is harder to move off the puck.

    I was impressed with Delmore in training camp, I want to see what he can bring to the lineup. This is more than just early season panic regarding Meech and Lebda, I thought they were terrible last year too. At this point, I'm flat out done with them.

  5. Oh god, we're trying to talk ourselves into Andy "Like Paul Coffey, only worse defensively" Delmore...

  6. ...only as an alternative to Brett "offensive defensemen who doesn't produce offense and doesn't play well defensively" Lebda or Derek "I can suck at forward OR defense" Meech.

  7. Derek "I can suck at forward OR defense" Meech.

    That's versatility, my friend.

  8. Yeah I agree 100%. Time for new blood on the lower end of the D line. You know who we're missing here? Cheli's lockeroom moxy.

    - ps:

    Dude this blue is KILLING me. Just switch the CSS for a day to this color - just took the bkg red and toned it down: #8b000b - and make everything that's blue on the page bold.

    Yes. it spells boob. and it looks good on this background color.

  9. Wow, you're such an expert analyst! We've seen 2-3 games from each of them, and you know the score. Did it ever occur to you that Meech (and Quincey, as well) weren't really given true shots at getting a rhythym going with the big club? (Meech did have a chance to do so two seasons ago and showed quite well). Of course not, because you're an expert weekend warrior. By the way, Animal Drew, when you develop to a level where an NHL club can put you on the ice at forward or D, let us all know. Really.

  10. Did it ever occur to you that Meech has played in 75 games over the past two plus seasons. If you can't find your rhythm in 75 games, that is not the organ-i-zation's fault. Two seasons ago, he played in 32 games and had 3 assists and was -5. Last year, he played in a career high 41 games, had a whopping 2 goals and 5 assists and was -12. So no, it hadn't occurred to me that Meech wasn't given a chance...because he was. Idiot.

  11. Weekend warrior? How is that relevent? Isn't that a football term?

    Jesus. We've got trolls, but dumb ones. And ones that pretend to be something they're not.