Friday, October 23, 2009

Sour Grapes (10/23 @ PHX)

So, since we haven't won since I added the "Kick them when they're down" section, I've decided to add a new section called "Sour Grapes" in which we get fan reactions from across the Internet of whatever team was lucky enough to beat Detroit...check out how stupid some of the 'Yotes fans can sound:


"I just love scrappy PREY.. 2nd in the west.. The kill is always followed by the howling...AHWhoooooo"--G52PM228 (Coyotes are mainly scavengers, aren't they?)

"OMG!!!! What a GAME!!!! Aucoin is an ACE!!!!

Did you see the looks on the Dead Things faces when the game tied up? PRICELESS!!!!
Looked like someone kicked them in the gut.
GO COYOTES!!!!!!!!
6-2!!!!!!!!!"--Elcoyotero (recovering CAPS and exclamation mark addict)

"A lot of the "Dead Things Fans" where parked in the season ticket area. What does that tell you? Locals supporting there "old" team, that worse than a straight up Wings fan to me."--YotesFan (how DARE Red Wings fans living in Arizona actually pay for season tickets to the local team...the nerve!)

"It's called "RISING TO THE OCCASION." Something that Gretzky didn't know how to accomplish. Too much "sea salt," for both Gretzky and his w hore wife."--AnthonyDavisThe4th (right...what did Gretzky know about winning?  Not sure about the sea salt comment.)


Got these beauties from  6-2 euphoria...denial can be pretty ugly.


  1. My all-time favorite anything in the history of ever: the line of thought that suggests your allegiance to a team changes as you travel.

  2. Wow. Ridiculous. One thing I can say though is that if I lived in Arizona I would definitely have seasons tickets. They're selling out now aren't they?? 10-15$ a ticket? Nice to know that Bettman is still liked somewhere.

    (Gary Bettman produced 359,000 hits on google. First is news results. Second Wiki. Third.. Gary Bettman sucks ?? I still think we should have a Canadian Commissioner..)


    Not really sure how to make that a link or even if I can. Avs blog. Not very well done.. Copy and paste if you must.

  4. I would just like to add how stupid the Coyotes are in general: the "Howling" sound they play after goals/wins is in fact a wolf. Coyotes sound much more shrill and short, like a small dog yelping.