Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's here.

T minus 19 hours till the reclamation of what is rightly ours begins.

Quick notes around the hockey world:

-Hope everyone realizes that they have a free preview of NHL Center Ice for the next couple weeks. It might still say MLB on their package, but it should work.

-As far as I can tell, I don't think I've seen one expert pick the Wings so far. I love it. Keep on believing in the joke that is the Blackhawks. I'm watching the Caps/Bruins right now and many people are picking one of these two teams to win. The Caps are powerful, but really don't have the depth that the Wings do. The Bruins just don't look very good at all. And you know who I don't notice out there? Chara. At all. Ovechkin has just a wicked shot though.

The Penguins now get to enjoy the Flyers and Prongers elbows and get to experience a seven game series with those weapons. Be dirty Chris, very dirty.

The only team that actually scares me is the Sharks. And then I remember that they are the Sharks. And then I smile and chuckle a little bit.

-How good did the Mule look yesterday? 40 goals doesn't seem out of the question.

-Nick Lidstrom hasn't lost a step. Anyone see how fast he looked yesterday? He looked faster than I've ever seen him, in my life. Maybe it's the big ice. Chara isn't in the same league as this guy. I bet Nick would even beat the giant in a game of 1 on 1 in basketball. He is the perfect human, lets not forget that.

-Eville looks better and better every game. He's gonna be as solid as they come. In two years we'll be considering him up there with Dats, Zetterberg and Johan. Remember that Fabian guy? I sure don't. In Holland we trust.

-We are working on the comments issue, so feel free to leave any comments, they are saved, just not posted.

Go Wings.


  1. In E'ville I trust. He's the backbone of my fantasy team.

    Nice bkg color, btw.

  2. Dude, how's Sweden?

  3. Part of me thinks that Gary Bettman might be more strict on Pronger's elbows now that he will be using them against HIS team, the Pens. Anyone else think this?

    Also, I see that Saturday's game will be on NHL Network (which Time Warner doesn't include with Center Ice), and I didn't see it on the list of Center Ice channels. Anyone know if it's on TV anywhere for those of us who no longer live in Michigan?