Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wings Win - Maltby Scoring Touch Continues

Great game for the Wings against a good LA team. And the twilight zone year in scoring continues.

Team leaders in goals:

1st. Tomas "I was almost cut after last year" Holmstrom
2nd (tie). Ville "I'm not a child molester" Leino
2nd (tie). Johnathon "I will scare the puck past you" Ericsson
2nd (tie). Kirk "Sandbagging son of a bitch" Maltby

If anyone woulda told you this at the end of last year, you woulda punched them in the face, then sued them for libel (haven't covered that chapter yet, so yeah....)

Red Wings Players of the Game

1.) Nick Lidstrom - ONE THOUSAND POINTS
2.) Henrik Zetterberg - Finally got on the board.
3.) Todd Bertuzzi - Had a great game out there, sorry Bourque. He looks good.

Games like this make Babcock smile.


  1. My thoughts on Maltby as the game progressed

    Period 1: screw you
    1st intermission: screw you
    period 2: screw you
    2nd intermission: screw you
    3rd period through his second penalty of the night: screw you
    Maltby's goal: Awww, I can never stay mad at you. I love you, Kirk Maltby

  2. No, Drew, I meant, libel. Not liable.