Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on Lilja

Khan(!) is working overtime lately...which is good since the Wings don't play again until Thursday.

Basically, nothing has changed. Lilja is still experiencing headaches as a result of his February 28th fight. He has taken to the ice during practice, but must sit and watch when the team executes drills with any form of contact.

Lilja will be traveling with the team on their oncoming trip out West...but mostly just to see doctors.

"It helps me stay positive. I love these guys. Of course, it's more fun to be around than to sit at home when the guys are on the road."--Andreas Lilja

You gotta feel for the guy. Though at this point, we have to start questioning whether Lilja will ever be able to play again...or if he should.

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  1. I met Lilja at VIP at NHL Premiere game in Stockholm. Wa had a talk and he told me that he was not sure if he could play again... It's sad - I think he was a very big part of SC-2008 and Red Wings missed him in the Staley Cup Finals 2009 very much...
    So, we can just wish him good luck!

    Alex (@Lexa1523 on Twitter)