Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#30 in the Rafters at the Joe?

As the Chief over at A2Y pointed out...this one should spark some debate.  An interesting notion from our friends over at The Bleacher Report:

One evening, in the not-too-distant future, fans will look to the rafters at Joe Louis Arena—or wherever the Red Wings will be playing by then—and see a large red "jersey" with a white No. 5 and the name "LIDSTROM" adorning it, the years played for the Red Wings listed below it, in red on a white band.

That much we know.  But, and I know my timing isn't great here, I submit that those same fans should also be able to crane their necks and see a big red swatch of fabric with a white No. 30 and the name "OSGOOD" sewn onto it.

You heard me.

 Oh boy...if it's not people saying he doesn't belong in the NHL, it's people saying that he deserves to be counted amongst the immortals.  Osgood is never far away from controversial conversation.

The naysayers talk like this: The Red Wings win in spite of him, especially in 1998. He has great teams in front of him, so that's why his numbers look so good. Blah-blah-blah.  As if Sawchuk played with a bunch of chopped liver back in the day.  I promise you, it's OK to give Osgood his due. It really is. I promise the sun will rise tomorrow, and in the East. No children or pets will be harmed. Promise.

I wouldn't be so sure about the whole pets thing, but he makes a good point about Sawchuck and his teammates.  This is an excellent piece of writing from an author after my own heart.  He writes just like me, except his stuff is well thought out and well presented.  You need to read the whole thing.


  1. I think he should definitely have his number retired by the wings but i'm not too sure on the Hall of Fame.While he has been a great Red Wing he has never been mentioned as one of the best goalies of his generation or even been considered as even a finalist for any major awards. Except the Jennings which he shared both times.I don't think he will get the national support to get voted in the H.O.F. but I think he has played as big of a part as anyone in the success of the wings the past 15 years.