Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Season so Far: Todd Bertuzzi

In our second chapter of reviewing some of our new additions, let's look at one of the more controversial signings by Detroit...

Todd Bertuzzi so far this season:

I suppose it would depend on who you ask when you try and evaluate whether or not Bertuzzi has exceeded or fallen short of expectations. The big guy was brought in to add some size and grit, as well as contribute to some secondary scoring. Though Bertuzzi had the opportunity to shift from a secondary role to playing with the big boys on the top line, his contributions have been limited on the score sheet thus far. However, he has done surprisingly well at the defensive portion of his game, much to everyone's surprise. Despite claims of laziness by some fans, Bertuzzi looks quicker than he has been in years. As I stated in the Williams piece yesterday, not one player has played in all seven games and hasn't seemed lazy or unfocused at least once (Helm hasn't played in all 7 games). Bert finally got in the goal column in last Saturday's loss to the Avs and was surprisingly left out of the shootout line up.

Season Total Projections:

After a real shaky start in Sweden, Bertuzzi seems to be getting better about playing Detroit's system, and I beleive his teammates are starting to get the hang of playing with him as well. Losing Franzen long term made Bertuzzi into the only large power forward that we have, and the fact that his point totals are so low despite playing with Hank and Pav has me a little worried. I'm hoping that this is just an effect of growing pains and that the big guy will be able to turn the corner and start being a regular on the scoresheet (in the goals/assists department). For those who said that he was completely washed up, he's exceeding expectations. For those (myself included) that thought he'd hit the 20 goals, 60 point mark, he's got some work to do.

My grade after 7 games: C


  1. "Bert finally got in the goal column in last Saturday's loss to the Avs and was surprisingly left out of the shootout line up."

    Maybe Babs was worried after that 2-on-1 against the Kings where Bert shot the puck into the Detroit river.

  2. C eh?

    Frankly I give him a D. He...or he was...is taking up a spot on the 1st line that Cleary clearly (heh) could play in. Now that Pav is back in, I think the Circus will hit the big top. Frankly I wonder if Homer shouldn't stay down on the 4th with Buckets/Cleary up in his position...but I digress.

  3. I'd say he gets a B so far. The top line not scoring isn't just his fault. He's created chances.

  4. my only issue so far has been when he gets hit (by someone half his size), he tends to slowly crumble to the ice and stay there, poking at the puck occasionaly. but considering how much he's getting paid, 15-20 goals would be a bargain.