Thursday, September 17, 2009

Abdelkader on Last Night

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After Johnny "Big Rig" Ericsson squashed some bug from Philly, the puck came to Abdelkader, who fed Jamie Tardif for the put-away. Abdelkader spoke about the play in particular.

“I didn’t know who it was, at first. It was towards the end of my shift, and he made a good play on the body and the puck squirted loose and Tardif was wide-open out front there.”

Abdelkader, Ericsson, and Tardif had all been teammates at one point in Grand Rapids last season. And it was some good hockey, believe you me.

Abdelkader drew a couple Philadelphia penalties, had three hits, won seven of 12 face-offs and was plus-1 in 13:52 of ice time, including a 2:17 on the penalty kill, which was 4-for-4.

Yes sir, Abadabbadoo was a busy little boy last night....wait, did that just say the PK was 4-for-4??? Oh thank god. That is wonderful news, seeing as our PK was the biggest concern for NOHS readers. What do you think about killing penalties, Abby?

“I do it a lot in Grand Rapids and am just grateful for the opportunity. Just want to go out there and prove I can do it here."

We're anxious to see if you can have a shift like this. But we'll take what we can get, my good man. What do you think about your face-off performance?

“I only lost one or two that were clean. The rest were just ones I lost on wingers battling it out.”

Let's not place blame, kid. It takes 5 guys doing their job to win face-offs. Sorry about the links to my own site in this post, VooX over at A2Y would kill me if he found out. But I think everyone needs to watch that shift by Helm at least once a day...even if it's depressing now that he's hurt.

Helm for Abdelkader is a pretty good trade off, though.

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