Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Czechs beat Ruskies, Thanks to Happy

Thanks to my buddy, Shane for e-mailing me a link to this on yahoo!sports...

Jiri Hudler scored three goals as the Czech Republic edged Russia 3-2 after a penalty shootout Sunday to win the Czech Hockey Games.

Sounds like every one's favorite Oompa Loompa isn't taking the summer off. Where were those hat-tricks when it would have won me a free roast beef sandwich at Arby's???

Hudler, who had 57 points in 82 games with Detroit last season and who now plays with Dynamo Moscow, finished with five goals in three games to top the tournament.

I guess his Houdini disappearing act in this year's play-offs was just him saving himself for international play... @#$%.

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