Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Eaves Speaks

Well I'm back from my mini-vacation and have internet access again. Plenty to talk about today, but instead of touching on the goaltending contraversy, I'd thought we start out with something positive from detnews.com.

"It was kind of a crazy week and a half there. I was on my honeymoon, and I found out I was on waivers, so I was a free agent. My agent did all the work and did a great job, and Detroit was an opportunity I couldn't let pass by." --Patrick Eaves
So the guy goes out and gets married, finds out he's been waived by the second best team in the league, only to get claimed by THE best team in the league. I'd say that's a pretty successful week and a half (depending on the girl he tied the knot with, of course).
Turns out that Eaves has a history with a couple Wings players including Valteri Filppula and backup netminder Jimmy Howard:

"I knew Jimmy Howard, I played with him in the U.S. program. Then Flip, we kind of grew up playing against each other. I lived a year in Finland, so I played against him over there. We have the same agent so we kept in touch."
It's always nice to have someone you know be on a team that you are just joining. Eaves and Wally on a line? Could be something to look at.
And of course, someone had to ask about all the goals lost to free-agency this off-season. To which Eaves replied:

"I'm looking to help out definitely in that category. A couple guys left and we've added a couple more. We're looking to step in and continue the way of the Detroit Red Wings."
The kid sounds excited to be here...who wouldn't? But the enthusiasm shown by players should be something extremely encouraging for the fans. A mix of angry returning players with a few young and hungry players. Like I said before, this regular season is going to be fun.
One last blurb from Patrick Eaves as he looked around the locker room in JLA...

"Some pretty legendary hockey players in this room, and I hope to be part of their winning ways here. Hopefully help them out and have fun while we're doing it."

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  1. My favorite thing about Eaves: his Ottawa teammates inexplicably called him Larry.

    I love clueless nicknames!