Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Bingo Night at the Roundtable

We're up to Day #4 of our Red Wings Blogger Roundtable and it's that sassy little hellcat Jessie's turn over at Bingo Bango.

Her Question:

Alright, well as a Wings fan I’ve already been called a pompous, condescending, no it all, d-bag, by just a few people. So despite the fact that this next sentence may cause the Wings haters to feel as though they were right, too bad, they can suck it. We know the Wings are dripping with talent from goal, to the blue line, to the Swedish and Russian hammer they lay on other teams night after night. We’ve watched Franzen have a breakout season, Filppula consistently grow as a player, and well whenever I think of the name Helm, I immediate get tingles from what is affectionately and simply known as "the kill.” With that being said, who’s going to have the most ‘influential’ season this year? It doesn’t have to be a breakout season as there are already many bona fide stars on the team. But instead whose play will consistently be the difference? Will Kronwall finally find a balance between being a punishingly physical player and an important scorer? Will we finally discuss Filppula’s game more than his silky, golden locks? Will Jason Williams cries and feelings of deep internal torture inflicted solely by Babcock be enough to motivate the team to another Stanley Cup Final? Ahhh the choices.

Head on over via the link and check it out...there's some gems in there.

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