Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cloutier Decision Coming Soon

If any of you take any stock in Chris's f'ed up mask analysis, hold on to your hats...according to Khan(!), Kenny is considering taking Dan Cloutier...


Apparently Holland said a decision will be made on Thursday, and added this...

"He's in a tough spot because of the number of goalies we got (in the system. He played a good game, looked sharp. He's gotten better over the week.''

Jimmy Howard probably had a voodoo doll made at camp, I'm guessing that thing looks like a pin cushion. If, however unlikely, Cloutier does get signed, it would almost certainly mean that Jimmy Howard would start the last year of his contract in the oh-too-familiar city of Grand Rapids.

Dan had this to say about the opportunity:

"They brought me along slowly in camp because I hadn't played in so long, gave me some practice time. Where that's going to take me, I don't know.''

Hopefully, to another team. Any KHL interest Dan? Please?


  1. I honestly don't hate it. I think I am the only one, I've always been a Cloutier fan simply due to the fact that he challanged the entire bench one game. Now that I think of it, it def was not his goaltending. But does that really make a big difference? Nah.

  2. That they didn't pick him up was idiotic. What a fun guy to watch.