Friday, September 18, 2009

Tardif Vs Lappy

Here's a picture from the bout on Wednesday night, which has officially been registered on

From this image, it looks like Lappy has the upper-hand, even though they appear to be jocking for position. The game wasn't televised nor did I get a chance to listen to the radio broadcast (which I hear was pro-Philly). Anyone have any details on this?


  1. If i remember from the radio broadcast Lappy was overpowering Tardif but even the Philly Broadcasters were giving Tardif some respect for stepping up to Laperriere.

  2. The Flyers guys were all about Laperriere. I don't think they realized that Tardif drops the gloves once in a while, because they kept saying how Detroit had no fighters in the lineup (Tardif, Newbury, Ericsson, etc). Sounded like a real grappling match but the Philly guys definitely gave the edge to Laperriere, made it sound like Tardif was just holding on for dear life, but I doubt it was that one-sided. Tardif actually ended up on top and it was the only time in the game that I could hear the Wings crowd over the droning of the Philly broadcasters, so I hope he at least got a good shot in when he made his move.