Thursday, September 17, 2009

You want Obscure References? You got it.

Sometimes I even wonder why I bother posting stuff like this. But anytime someone whispers the word Red Wings, no matter how obsolete or irrelevant it may be, chances are I'll find it. And post it. Because I love these guys.

Here's a conversation with Kevin Ingram, a Division II ACHA player (don't knock it, that's as far as I got, myself) from Northern Arizona University Ice Jacks, who just happens to name drop a couple (one former) Red Wings in a conversation he had with "The Lumberjacks", whom I'm guessing is some journalism students at the University.

LJ: If you could be anyone, who would you be and why?
KI: Pavel Datsuk. He plays for the Detroit Red Wings. He has the nastiest hands and could embarrass you. The way he handles a stick is amazing.
LJ: Who are your heroes?
KI: My dad, definitely, and Chris Chelios, a hockey player who played with my dad.

Oh yeah...that's good stuff.

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