Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chirping from a Bitter Brittle Blues Blog

Found this pile of dung from St. Louis Game Time:

We Get to Embarrass the Red Wings at Home.
Everyone's focusing on this as a homecoming game for the obnoxiously Swedish Detroit Red Wings. Frankly, between the PR for the Wings and the Hawks, you'd think that they were playing each other. Frankly, though, when you think about it - half of the Central Division has been invited to be a part of this. We were considered the toughest division in the NHL last season, and we're being considered that again this year. It's nice that the league's recognizing it. And, of course, nothing would be funnier than beating the snot out of Detroit. Once'd be cool. Twice would be hysterical. Let's aim for two times.
Pssh. Aim away, slugger. It ain't happening. You should fall to your knees and...thank the hockey gods if you manage to squeak a single point out of this trip. Mad about your first round collapse after being the league's hottest team the second half the 2008-2009 regular season? You should be. But guess what? You lost to a mediocre Vancouver team, you showed no heart and had bad goaltending. I don't think the return of Erik Johnson clears up either of those issues. The Red Wings on the other hand, are hungry. You are simply the first in the cross-hairs. Get ready to be beaten. We'll see if you think THEM apples are hysterical.


  1. Sounds like they can't accept being in the bottom tier of the Central.
    Bitter, Bitter, Bitter, Bitter.

  2. This St. Louis aficionado sounds an awful lot like certain Chicago Blackhawks' apologists during last year's Western Conference Finals, bragging about how they couldn't wait till their overrated team kicked the crap out of the Wings. You would think that these people would wait until their respective teams actually lived up to the hype before they started talking so much garbage. Their delusion is hilarious, though.