Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Son of Anarchy, Fan of Wings

I told you that no Red Wings reference is too small for me to post. Whether it's some kid playing ACHA D2 hockey, or the man pictured below. You may know him from Sons of Anarchy. He's also been in over 40 movies including Blackhawk Down, Open Range, and Silent Hill.

Happened upon this little ditty from monstersandcritics.com, where it turns out actor Kim Coates has a good taste in hockey franchises despite being from Canada, which is traditionally anti-Detroit.

Coates is a son of Canada, who came down our way and has become an American citizen. He even roots for the Detroit Red Wings, his favorite hockey team. “It’s like Canadian law or something when you’re born; you’re handed a hockey stick where I’m from in Saskatoon, but just a few blocks from where I grew up, Gordie Howe was born, and I’ve been a Detroit fan since I was a kid.”

Sticking with the team has paid off over the past 12 years hasn't it Kimbo? I don't know about you, but I love finding out people like this are Wings fans...sure made me like John C. McGinley a whole lot more.


  1. Just one more reason for me to love 'Sons...'

  2. I already loved Dr. Cox on Scrubs before the first time he wore a Red Wings sweater on screen. I now have an altar to him in my master bathroom.