Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Spoof Review of NHL '10

Down Goes Brown posted a hilarious faux review of the EA Sports' NHL 10...

Here are some of my favorite parts...click the link, though...it's worth it. (Warning, he takes a shot at Wings fans in one of the sections. I'm obviously not posting that on here.)

Let's get the bad news out of the way first. I'm not sure if this game was rushed onto shelves without enough time for testing, but there are a ton of bugs that simply should have been caught.
  • Simming ahead several years in franchise mode can lead to unrealistic results. For example, I simmed ahead to 2011, and the game listed one of the teams as playing in "Phoenix".
  • AI-controlled teams occasionally make roster moves they'd never make in real life. For example, in one sim I noticed the Leafs had signed another team's RFA, which of course is ridiculous since Brian Burke hates when teams do that.
  • While experimenting with the GM mode, I attempted to trade a star player to Edmonton. The deal was accepted, but when I checked the Oilers roster immediately afterwards, the star player was there.

What major video game release these days doesn't come with a few cheats and easter eggs? Sure enough, NHL 2010 has its share.
  • When you're prompted to enter your name on the opening screen, type in "Jim Balsillie" to unlock an extended slideshow of Gary Bettman giving you the finger.

New features
Now for the good stuff. As fans have come to expect, this year's version comes packed with new and enhanced features.
  • The much-hyped "first person fighting" mode is every bit as good as advertised. When you throw a perfectly timed uppercut that connects with your unsuspecting opponent's face, you can actually see the blood splatter onto the cab's dashboard.
  • Players can now snatch a puck out of the air with their glove hand (note: feature does not apply to Andrew Raycroft).

It's fun to hear other people rip on your enemies sometimes.

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